Tuition & Fees

Tuition can be paid monthly, or bi-weekly. If paying monthly, you will need to take the weekly rate x 52 (52 weeks in a year) and then divide by 12 to get the monthly rate.

Tuition is always pre-paid on Fridays for bi-weekly tuition, and on the last day of the month, for monthly tuition. Tuition will be electronically deducted from your bank account through Azura Credit Union, using a secure, automated clearinghouse. If tuition is late, there will be a late fee of $10 per day. If an account or check is rejected, there will be an additional fee of $20. If tuition is more than 3 days late, enrollment will be suspended, unless other arrangements have been approved by the Manchester Director.

Tuition by Classroom

Seeds: 12 weeks-1 year: $222.79 per week for full-time/year round*

Sprouts: 1 year-2.5 years – $201.57 per week for full-time/year round*

Blooms: 2 1/2 years-4 years – $190.96 per week for full-time/year round*

Blossoms: 4 years-6 years – $190.96 per week for full-time/year round*

* Breakfast, milk and a snack are provided by Manchester and included in your tuition cost


$4.30 per lunch meal when provided by Manchester. Meals will use many organic foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, and will limit highly-processed foods. A menu is provided to parents at the start of each month.

Your child may bring their own sack lunch at no additional cost.

Additional Fees

$50 Application Fee

This fee is non-refundable. This fee only applies if you are being put on a waiting list. When a placement becomes available this amount will be applied to the enrollment fee.

$145 Yearly Enrollment Fee

This fee is non-refundable and does not apply to tuition. This fee is for supplies, technology expenses, and school publications. For returning students, (starting year 2, the fee is $100, due on anniversary date)

Additional fees for school pictures, field trips, special events, etc will be paid upon event.