Manchester Enrollment and Dismissal Policy

In recognition that all children or families may not be suited to this type of learning environment, the school reserves the right to dismiss students and/or families at any time.

All children are accepted for a trial period of adjustment of four weeks, to ensure compatibility between students, parents, and the school. If there are concerns during the first two weeks, from either parents or teachers, a meeting will be set up between parents, teachers and the director to discuss options. If after four weeks, the school is unable to meet a child’s needs, parents will be given a minimum of a two week notice to enable the parent ample time to identify care that is better suited to meet the child’s needs.

Parents are expected to pay for the trial period (non-refundable, applicable toward tuition), and Manchester may dismiss the child at any time.

The school has a right to dismiss a child if the child:

  • Is continually abusive to other children, staff, or property
  • Endangers their safety or the safety of other
  • Is habitually unresponsive to adult direction
  • Uses foul or abusive language or actions to other students or teachers
  • If the parent fails to pay their billed fees
  • If the behavior of a parent or other primary caregiver is verbally or physically abusive or disrespectful to a staff person or other children or parents in the program.